Useful Links

Below are links to various astronomy websites and other resources. Special thanks to Jim Brown of the Asheville Astronomy Club for organizing these.

Great Web Sites for the Amateur Astronomer


Link Comments  Official website of the Astronomy Club of Asheville.  Gives times and coordinates for when the International Space Station, Hubble Space Telescope, satellites & other space objects will be visible from your backyard.  Monthly star charts listing naked eye objects, binocular objects, telescope objects & astronomical events for the month. Links to Astronomy merchandise.  NASA"s Astronomy “Picture of the Day.” Really great images. Primer for the book Backyard Astronomers Guide by Terence Dickinson & Alan Dyer. Excellent beginner’s site.  View today’s sunspots &other solar data.  Science news & information about the Sun-Earth environment. As well as fascinating images from Sun orbiting satellites. (Sign up to get a call when auroras appear over your home town.)  OK, so there are eight planets. The site was named a while ago. Interesting tour of the Solar System.  International Dark Sky Association. Learn how to protect our night skies & set up safe, effective outside lighting.  Lively, fascinating, myth destroying site dedicated to accurate astronomy.  The Messier Catalog of deep sky objects.  Great books for the amateur. 


Link Comments  Astronomical League. Excellent general information site.  Night Sky Network, a partnershipof amateur astronomy clubs. NASA's main website. Information on manned and robotic missions; images from the Hubble Space Telescope; and much more. Astronomical Society of the Pacific provide materials & support to astronomy clubs for out reach projects. 


Link Comments  Oceanside Photo &Telescope, a major vendor of astronomy gear.  Anacortes. Astronomy& birding scopes & accessories.  Celestron telescopes &binoculars.  Meade telescopes.  Astronomics. Telescopes & accessories.  Ebay-type site for astronomical equipment.  Orion telescopes & accessories.Good site for beginner information. 


Link Comments  Excellent all-purpose magazine and website. Good for beginners. Another good magazine and website.  Online newsletter. 


Link Comments  Computer software for keeping & organizing your observations & locating objects.  Virtual moon atlas. Best you will find at any price & it’s free – Planetarium program. As good as or better than most you will find. 


Link Comments  Objects from the Orion 600 Sky map.  Saguaro Astronomy Club’s Deep Sky Database. Online observing list generator(10,000 records).  Online interactive planetarium.Print your own night sky maps. 


Link Comments   By Ed Ting. Reviews & advice for buying your first telescope.  A place for astronomy buffs to go on cloudy nights! Reviews & advice on telescopes & other equipment. 

 ASTRONOMY DICTIONARIES – Places to go to understand new or obscure terms.

Link Comments Standard astronomy dictionary.  Children’s astronomy dictionary. 


Link Comments McDonald Observatory Fort Davis, TX. Lots of good news and educational information.  Multimedia tours of the lunar surface. Cool site.  Home page of Boston Weatherman Todd Gross. Great links, reviews & images.  Looking for life “Out There.”   Neat  site showing Earth with real cloud patterns and computer-simulated night and day.  Great site for information on newly-discovered Extra solar Planets.